Cooperation instead of confrontation.


Green Cross Switzerland facilitates overcoming consequential damages caused by industrial and military disasters and the clean-up of contaminated sites from the period of the Cold War. Central issues are the improvement of the living quality of people affected by chemical, radioactive and other types of contamination, as well as the promotion of a sustainable development in the spirit of cooperation instead of confrontation. This includes the involvement of all stakeholder groups affected by a problem.

Fifty young people from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldavia, Japan, Italy, and Switzerland

are taking part in the Green Cross therapy camp in Wimmis and Uster from 16.7.-4.8.2017. The programme includes rehearsals for theatre performances, daytrips, sports, hiking and discussions about environmental contamination and medical check-ups. The therapy camp is an exchange programme (Youth in Action) financed by Switzerland via the Movetia Foundation.

Green Cross Nuclear Energy Event now on YouTube

Help us support disabled children in Vietnam

Born with a severely deformed left foot, three-year old Tran Hai Yen needs our help to have a chance in life. While serving in the military between 1968 and 1974, her grandfather was exposed to the toxic herbicide Agent Orange. During the Vietnam War it was used in large quantities by the Americans for defoliation and caused long-term genetic damage to an entire generation, still claiming thousands of victims to this day. Donations from Switzerland make it possible to provide about 500 children and adolescents with the prostheses and orthoses they need.

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