Competent and reliable.

17 full-time and part-time employees are currently working for Green Cross Switzerland.


Nathalie Gysi
Executive Director


“Green Cross Switzerland mediates in ecological crises and disasters. In addition to direct help for those affected, we also make an important contribution towards reducing political tensions and establishing more security. Along with Green Cross Switzerland I am committed to a safe world capable of facing the future.”



Maria Vitagliano

Program Director Social Medicine


“Always bearing in mind that not all grievances can be solved and not all pressing questions answered, I would like to set an example for solidarity and contribute to helping others to help themselves.”



Dr. Stephan Robinson

Unit Manager (Water, Legacy)


“Global pollution problems can only be solved in association with other organizations and partners. In view of the tasks to be solved, working with people from different cultures, learning from each other, exchanging experiences and creating institutional capacities with partners are part of an exciting and crucial challenge.”


Since 1993


Since 1993, Green Cross International and its network of national organisations in around 30 countries have used dialogue and on-site actions to promote sustainability, security and collaboration at all levels.


Mikhail Gorbachev, Founding President of Green Cross International, said during his speech to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Green Cross International: “The world population will surpass 9 billion people by 2050. Such population pressure, coupled with a crumbling world economy and unchecked exploitation of natural resources, will only foment human suffering, spread poverty, reduce human security, cause more conflicts and further degrade the environment. A sustainable perestroika is needed to revolutionise how people value life: their own, those of their children and, in particular, that of the one planet we share.”

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