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As an internationally recognised non-profit organisation, Green Cross realises projects with the aim of overcoming consequential damages caused by industrial and military disasters, pressing ahead with the clean-up of contaminated sites from the period of the Cold War, and supporting families – especially affected children – in coping with the health problems and heavy social burdens of their living situations.


Current priority projects:


– Therapy camps for children affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

– Orthopaedic projects for young victims in Vietnam (Agent Orange)

– The programme Water–Life–Peace is designed to preserve access to clean water by the professional and safe disposal of environmental toxins.



Green Cross Switzerland is ZEWO certified. You can find the published Green Cross Annual Report here. We shall be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning Green Cross or the projects that you can support.


Nathalie Gysi

Tel. +41 (0)43 499 13 10


Interested parties, donors, benefactors and advocates have the opportunity to learn more about the Social and Medical Care Programme on the ground. Green Cross Switzerland, in collaboration with Kuoni Travel Services, organises project trips to Vietnam, Japan and the Ukraine.


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