Abolish a dangerous legacy.


In support of world-wide disarmament, Green Cross established its global ‘Environmental Consequences of Wars and Conflicts’ Programme. It is the first and most important of a total of now five global Green Cross programmes.


The global Programme aims at overcoming the consequential damage caused by industrial and military disasters in Eastern Europe, the USA and Vietnam.


First priority is given to the improvement of life quality of people who have been affected by chemical, radioactive (e.g. Chernobyl) and other kinds of contamination, as well as the promotion of a sustainable development in project areas. The global ‘Environmental Consequences of Wars and Conflicts’ Programme is divided into two programmes: Social and Medical Care and Legacy of the Cold War.


Legacy of the Cold War supports nuclear, biological and chemical weapon disarmament through mediation and information work as well as confidence-building measures. The challenge is to further develop the non-proliferation treaty to form a nuclear disarmament treaty, to introduce a universal chemical weapons convention and to implement consensus-building to safeguard adherence to the biological weapons convention.

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Social and Medical Care implements medical and social projects for children, young people and mothers. Therapy camps as well as training and nutrition programmes contribute towards improving the living situation of the population in contaminated areas.

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To ensure that environmental pollutants are correctly recorded, safeguarded and discarded, the Water for Life and Peace programme supports the restoration of water resources contaminated by military and industrial catastrophes. Toxic chemical and radioactive waste soils the groundwater and is detrimental to human health.

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Interested parties, donors, benefactors and advocates have the opportunity to learn more about the Social and Medical Care Programme on the ground. Green Cross Switzerland, in collaboration with Kuoni Travel Services, organises project trips to Vietnam, Japan and the Ukraine.


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