Water resources under threat from environmental pollutants and toxins.


Environmental pollutants such as lead and mercury as well as toxic pesticides and radionuclides present a threat to the water and soil. The Water for Life and Peace programme involves technical intervention, the education of affected groups and the development and reinforcement of institutional capacity to promote the preservation of important water resources and access to clean drinking water.


Technical interventions have been devised and implemented as a solution to the substantial pollution in the Marilao river catchment area and the renovation of the Clark and Subic Bay military bases in the Philippines. Local projects in Rudnaya Pristan in the far east of Russia and in Mailuu Suu (Kirgizstan) along with the renovation of uranium mines in Tadzhikistan revolve around the restoration of contaminated water resources. Further projects in Thiaroye sur Mer (Senegal) and Dong-Mai (Vietnam) target lead pollution by recycling car batteries.


Green Cross Switzerland is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of pesticide disposal projects in 10 countries in the area of the former Soviet Union and for compiling specifications for the management of pesticides and toxic waste. There is a serious risk of POP pesticides (persistent organic pollutants) finding their way into the groundwater and surface water. Several projects are being implemented in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Western Africa with a view to disposing of old pesticides. The aim is to inform the population about the dangers of pesticides, to train experts in how to dispose of chemicals safely and to introduce non-toxic pest control alternatives.


Green Cross is developing and implementing the Water for Life and Peace programme under the direction of Dr. Stephan Robinson in collaboration with the Blacksmith Institute, UNEP, FAO, WHO, World Bank and local partners. The programme is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (DEZA/SDC) at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA/FDFA), the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and various sponsors.

Versteigerte Climate-ART-Skulptur erzielte
20 000 Franken


Für ihre grosszügige Spende zugunsten unseres Projektes «Nachhaltige und CO2-neutrale Wasserversorgung in Burkina Faso» danken wir:


Blue Tech, Winterthur; Briner AG, Winterthur; Clean Tech Invest AG, St. Gallen; Counselnet AG, Baar; Hausammann René; Isliker Peter; Isliker Magnete AG, Andelfingen; Kuoni AG, Zürich; Leue & Nill International (Schweiz) AG, Zürich; Leplan AG, Winterthur; Stadler Winterthur AG, Winterthur; SIGG AG, Frauenfeld; Kurt Wyssmüller


Diese Donatoren haben an der Gruppenauktion an der Blue Tech in Winterthur am 19. September 2009 für die Climate-ART-Skulptur Sunpower insgesamt 20 000 Franken geboten. Der Verkaufserlös wird nun für das Green-Cross-Wasserprojekt in Burkina Faso eingesetzt.


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