Green Cross Pin for the Members


(only for residents of Switzerland)


The new Green Cross Pin (15 mm in diameter) is being offered exclusively to members. The pin symbolizes solidarity with the victims of Chernobyl and stands for worldwide disarmament for the security of peace. Order your pin now for Fr. 10.–.

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Like Chernobyl, the Japanese tragedy

shows that there is no such thing as “zero risk”, when it comes to power generation by nuclear power plants. An accident has far-reaching consequences for both the economy and the society in the affected area that will last for centuries.


Since the Fukushima reactor accident, eight percent of Japan’s land area has been contaminated by radioactivity and 160,000 people have been evacuated or moved into emergency accommodation. To this day, up to 10 million people have been affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.


As an environmental organisation which has focused on the long-term consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster for almost two decades, Green Cross Switzerland calls for worldwide withdrawal from power generation by nuclear power plants.


Given the global impact of climate change and nuclear disasters, it is absolutely essential for the international community to work together in order to develop and utilise renewable energy, to boost energy efficiency and to implement controlled withdrawal from nuclear power throughout the world.

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